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win-get [switches] [action] [application]

win-get install [app name] - gets and installs the app
win-get sinstall [app name] - gets and installs the app using a silent installer
win-get do [app name] - downloads the file only and does not execute it.
win-get info [app name] - retrieves the description of the app
win-get search [keyword] - search the repository for matching files
win-get help - display help and usage information
win-get uninstall - launches the windows gui uninstall system.
win-get version - shows the version of win-get
win-get restore - pulls down a users remote software list from a repository and auto installs it.
win-get dorestore - download applications for a restore but do not install them.

-r - use requests table of repository
-noreport - turn off error reporting
-rep=[url] - use the specified repository
-u=[username] - set the username
-p=[password] - set the password

Sample .conf File

#repository location

#This allows reporting of bad links to be submitted back to the repository system

#This controls whether or not downloaded files are deleted after install

#This flag will maintain a batch history of all sinstall and install.
#If enabled a file in the working dirrectory will exists called: win-get.cmdhist.bat

# Authentication Settings:
# These variables are used for authentication with the remote repository.
# They are also neccessary to use the win-get restore feature.

# wget Command Parameters:
# Anything put into this string will be set as parameters to wget when it is run.
wgetparams=--tries=1 --continue

If your in further need of assistance feel free to post to the sourceforge site at or email me

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