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NameVersionDescriptionCategorySilent Install
IrfanView_PlugIns4.10plugins for IrfanViewGraphicsNO


2.0ISO Recorder is a tool for Windows XP, 2003 and now Windows Vista, that allows you to burn CD and DVD images, copy disks, make images of the existing data CDs and DVDs and create ISO images from a content of a disk folder.Multimedia/S
itunes2007Buy music, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks, or download free podcasts from the iTunes Store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Organize and play everything on your Mac or PC. Then sync it to your iPod and bring it along. Anywhere.AudioNO


English DemoOfficial english demo for joint task force.GamesNO
kerio_personal_firewall4.3.246Kerio Personal Firewall (KPF) is a software agent that builds a barrier between your personal computer and the Internet. It is designed to protect your PC against attacks from both the Internet and other computers in the local network. It controls all data flow in both directions from the Internet to your computer and vice versa, and it can block all attempted communication allowing only what you choose to permit. This makes it an ideal solution for notebook computers that freely travel in and out of the corporate network, facing exposure to various risks as they connect from different locations.Firewall/s /v


3.0Once you press the hotkey, type entries to ... * Open files, folders, and websites. * Search your computer. * Search websites. * Perform system tasks. * Control windows on your screen. * Paste custom text into a text field. * Automate actions. * Create notes; set reminders. * Launch plug-ins. UtilitiesNO
klite3.30K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs and related tools. The K-Lite Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution for playing all your movie files.Multimedia/silent


5.1.0KNOPPIX is a bootable Live system on CD or DVD, consisting of a representative collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals. KNOPPIX can be used as a productive Linux system for the desktop, educational CD, rescue system, or adapted and used as a platform for commercial software product demos. It is not necessary to install anything on a hard disk. Due to on-the-fly decompression, the CD can have up to 2 GB of executable software installed on it (over 8GB on the DVD "Maxi" edition).OtherNO
Kompozer0.7.7KompoZer is a wysiwyg HTML editor (Nvu/Composer fork) aimed towards advanced users. It is considered an unofficial bug-fix release for Nvu.EditorsNO


3.96.1LAME is an LGPL MP3 encoder. The Open source development model allowed to improve its quality and speed since 1999. It is now an highly evolved MP3 encoder, with quality and speed able to rival state of the art commercial encoders.AudioNO
Launchy1.25Fast program access. Bringing power of CLI to GUI.DesktopNO


9.22 Lazarus is the class libraries for Free Pascal that emulate Delphi. Free Pascal is a GPL'ed compiler that runs on Linux, Win32, OS/2, 68K and more. Free Pascal is designed to be able to understand and compile Delphi syntax, which is of course OOP. Lazarus is the part of the missing puzzle that will allow you to develop Delphi like programs in all of the above platforms. Unlike Java which strives to be a write once run anywhere, Lazarus and Free Pascal strives for write once compile anywhere. Since the exact same compiler is available on all of the above platforms it means you don't need to do any recoding to produce identical products for different platforms.LangNO
links0.98Links is an open source text and graphic web browser with a pull-down menu system. It renders complex pages (partial HTML 4.0 support including tables and frames, support for multiple character sets), supports color and monochrome terminals and allows horizontal scrolling.WWWNO


1.0LinkShot is a light weight tool for creating thumbnails of webpages. GraphicsNO
litestep3.0.2LiteStep is an explorer replacement. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your desktop.DesktopNO
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