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NameVersionDescriptionCategorySilent Install
filezilla_server0.9.23FileZilla is a fast FTP and SFTP client for Windows with a lot of features. FileZilla Server is a reliable FTP server.FTP/S


2.0.1Firebird is a RDBMS offering many ANSI SQL features. It runs on Linux, Windows and a variety of Unix platforms, offering excellent concurrency, high performance and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers. WEBSITE: click HOME button.DatabaseNO
firefox2.0.0.11Firefox empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser.WWW-ms

firefox-fr empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser.WWW-ms
flashget1.712FlashGet can split downloaded files into sections, downloading each section simultaneously, for an increase in downloading speed from 100% to 500%. This, coupled with FlashGet's powerful and easy-to-use management features, helps you take control of your downloads like never before.UtilitiesNO


9,0,45,0Macromedia Flash Player is the high performance, lightweight, highly expressive client runtime that delivers powerful and consistent user experiences across major operating systems, browsers, mobile phones and devices.WWWNO
fontpack11.0Set 1. Extract into your windows fonts dirrectory.OtherNO


1.0Set 2. Extract into your windows fonts dirrectoryOtherNO
Foobar0.9.4.5A very good Audio PlayerMultimediaNO


1.0PDF CreatorPrintNO
Foxit_PDF_Reader2.1A fast and slim pdf reader.PrintNO


2.0.4Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 and 64 bit professional Pascal compiler. It is available for different processors: Intel x86, Amd64/x86 64, PowerPC, Sparc. The discontinued 1.0 version also supports the Motorola 680x0. The following operating systems are supported: Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X/Darwin, Mac OS classic, DOS, Win32, OS/2, Netware (libc and classic) and MorphOS.LangNO
Freemind0.8.0Open Mindmapping toolOtherNO


4.11.10GeoShell is a replacement shell for Windows™ to replace the standard desktop interface.OtherNO
gimp2.2.17GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.GraphicsSP- /SILENT /NORESTART
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